It’s time to introduce the latest fashion trends!

And one thing’s for sure: this Autumn/Winter season is certainly going to be stylish with a capital S …

The designers have pulled out all the stops to enable us to show off our best features in the new fashion season by coming up with the most stunning of trends and absolute must-haves.

The colours:
This autumn season is treating us to a truly beautiful array of colours from warm earthy tones such as camel, ochre or mustard through to intensive reds like claret, terracotta, copper or raspberry and right through to classic shades such as stone grey and anthracite. In fact, this season’s palette is just as diverse as that of the world of nature in the autumn months.

The patterns:
Alongside stunning flower prints in all colours, sizes and styles – be it embroidered, as subtle small patterns or as an eye-catching all-over look – the Glen plaid pattern is the other star of the season, dominating coats, suits and trousers and giving every outfit an elegant masculine touch.

The looks:
The Bohemian style is and will remain the largest trend of the Autumn/Winter season, using a combination of casual dandy details and classic Glen plaid patterns to treat the world of fashion to a surprising reinterpretation and plenty of glamour. This season brings together feminine flower prints and ruffle effects with masculine trouser suits and checked patterns.

Here at Marie Lund, we have categorised these fashion trends into three different seasonal looks: VILLAGE IDENTITY, AMERICANA and SENSEFUL DELIGHT. All of these styles stand out due to their striking colours and unusual combinations and are sure to sweep every fashion-lover right off their feet. VILLAGE IDENTITY is a modern Bohemian look with an elegant masculine touch. AMERICANA impressively combines an elegant gentry look with Parisian chic and New York coolness. Last but not least, SENSEFUL DELIGHT captivates observers with its subtle shades, soft materials and stunning feel-good designs.

Take a look for yourself! To find out more about these top seasonal styles, simply visit our “Looks” page here at!

Here are some of our favourites:

The beauty:

We asked the IsaDora make-up stylist Anke Luchmann for her opinion on the latest beauty trends:
“The trend look for Autumn/Winter 2018/19 is defined by earthy shades dating back to the 1960s and 70s. A true Bohemian lady combines red brown and golden eyeshadow with catwing eyeliner and complements her eye make-up with lips shimmering in a deep shade of brown for an effortless yet attractive look.”

Other absolute must-haves for the make-up bag to go with this season’s fashion feature eye-catching colours such as pink and ochre:

  1. A soft blusher in stick form: “Blush Stick” by IsaDora
  2. Eau de Parfum: “Basilico & Fellini” by Vilhelm
  3. A facial oil for the ultimate glow: “The Beautiful Oil” by Kjaer Weis
  4. Pink nail varnish: “You’re the Shade That I Want” from the “Grease” collection by OPI
  5. Lip care with a hint of colour: “Sheer Kiss Lip Oil” in “Pampering Pink” by Elizabeth Arden

Alle Fotos: PR

Interior design trends:

If you want to give your own four walls their very own makeover too, check out the latest decorative trends for the Autumn/Winter season 2018/19:


  1. “Bougie Parfumée” scented candle by Skultana,
  2. “Oh So Scented Reed” diffuser by Voya, for example at
  3. Mural by Jack Webster, found at
  4. “Bell” jar by House Doctor,
  5. “Jack” pocket emptier in yellow, for example at
  6. “Sunshine Fringe” linen cushion by Himla, for example at

All images: PR

Header image: Eric Muhr /

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