The most stunning party outfits for every occasion

Regardless of where you’re enjoying the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations, be it an evening meal with friends, a wild party, or a club-hopping tour all night long, you’re most probably currently wondering what to wear, right?
Our absolute favourites for endless nights of partying are full of glitter, shine and plenty of tulle, preferably in cool shades of black, silver and anthracite.

Here are our top 5 party outfits for long nights out:

1.  For a party outfit with which you can’t go wrong, combine a sequinned top with black skinny jeans with a leather look, a clutch bag and either a pair of elegant loafers or high-heels – but make sure they’re not too high to dance in. Now you’re ready to dance the night away!

2.  A combination with a skirt is also a great option, for example a blouson, a camisole and a pencil skirt. You can also opt for a close-fitting black dress or a tulle skirt as an attractive alternative.

3.  One of our favourite styles features a simple jumpsuit with a black leather jacket and a pair of eye-catching pumps, long earrings or another extravagant accessory. Put them all together and voilà – a perfect party outfit!

4. If you prefer classic outfits, you’ll love this option: a black blazer and a white blouse worn with glossy leggings or, if you want a more casual look, with boyfriend jeans and a pair of flats

5.  This look is as stylish as it gets without needing many embellishments: the little black dress has always been the ultimate solution when it comes to achieving the perfect party style. If you want, you can give your outfit an extra-special touch by recreating Audrey Hepburn’s stunning eyeliner look.

By the way: You can find plenty of excellent tips on party styling in the German book “Stilvoll” by Marlene Sørensen. One of her recommendations is to start off with your shoes when planning your outfit. After all, everyone has that one pair of fabulous shoes just waiting to be shown off!

Don’t forget: For more inspiration, you can always check out the party pages of major fashion magazines, where you’re sure to find one or two outfits that you can recreate for your perfect party look. Choosing the ideal outfit is absolutely essential, as explained by the Scandinavian influencer and fashion icon Pernille Teisbæk (one of our favourite online style role models) in her book “Dress Scandinavian”: “Wearing something that we like can work wonders when it comes to our charisma and self-confidence. Nevertheless, I believe that we sometimes need to push the boundaries and go beyond our comfort zone, as long as it doesn’t involve completely changing our style or spending a fortune. This might mean opting for colourful shoes or bling earrings but anything is possible. Take a look around and be inspired!

Beauty tip:

In order to give yourself a quick makeover when out and about, there are several essential beauty helpers that you need to keep close at hand.

Our beauty must-haves for your handbag:

1. Lipstick: “Lipstick – Believe” by Kjaer Weis, for example at

2.  Concealer: “Space Balm” and “Travel Powder Brush”, both by HIRO Cosmetics

3.  Face powder: “Neo Nude Fusion Powder” by Giorgio Armani Beauty

4.  Mini perfume: “See the Moonlight” by WALDEN

5.  Eyeshadow: “Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow Icicle Blue” by Max Factor

Cocktail tip:

If you want to get in the mood for your night out by enjoying a tipple at home, check out the book “Spirit of the North: Cocktail Recipes and Stories from Scandinavia” by Selma Slabiak (published by teNeues), which contains more than 30 delicious recipes for cocktails, mixed drinks (with and without alcohol) and special snacks made with regional ingredients.

Our favourite cocktail: “Teak”

Ingredients: 35 ml Amontillado Sherry, 20 ml Lillet Blanc, 15 ml Punt de Mes, 7,5 ml Björk Birch Liqueur, 2 dashes Angosturabitter, 2 dashes Orangebitter, Lemon zest

Stir al ingredients and serve in a cocktail glas.

We wish you a fantastic night of partying and an excellent start to the year 2019!

Image at the top: Ganapathy Kumar/

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