This season’s hottest trend goes by the name of athleisure. The new MARIE LUND SPORT collection offers the most stunning outfits and must-haves for this popular new style.

Models, stars and influencers present it to their fans every day on their social media channels: physical fitness has never been more important than in the present day and this year offers more cool sporty looks than ever before. Slim silhouettes, modern colour combinations and unusual prints all help to transform what was initially designed to be functional fashion into true fashion statements. Activewear is therefore no longer reserved for the world of sport, but also becoming increasingly popular among people looking for a stylish favourite outfit to wear when out and about.

Marie Lund has now launched its innovative interpretation of the topics of “Athletics” and “Leisure” in the form of a new sports fashion brand. This new brand, which is sporty to the core, brings the cool athleisure lifestyle to the forefront. It’s time to welcome complete outfits with strong links to the great outdoors, outfits that are suitable for use as leisurewear and offer modern fits without being overly figure-hugging. The garments in this collection also feature sporty materials, with lightweight and breathable outer fabrics and high-stretch technical fabrics guaranteeing a high level of comfort and outstanding fashionable fitness. With its coordinated programme of activewear garments for modern leisure looks, MARIE LUND SPORT is ahead of the pack when it comes to this latest trend.

Marie Lund Sport

The most important it-pieces:
Silver-coloured nylon jackets and zipped jackets with a black-and-white flower print or glossy finish, stone-grey or ivory hoodies, neon-yellow V-neck shirts and tank tops with leopard prints or zebra patterns teamed with jogging bottoms, skinny-fit yoga leggings or casual shorts.

With the new MARIE LUND SPORT collection, we’ve definitely scored a hat trick in the game of fashion and are therefore even miles ahead of some of the world’s biggest fitness stars…

Come and see our top athleisure garments for yourself and be inspired by our new MARIE LUND SPORT collection! 

Here are some of our current favourites in the world of athletics and leisure:

The must-haves to go with the look:

We’ve put together a list of cool workout aids that may come in handy next time you want to wear your new athleisure outfits when doing sport:

  1. A glass water bottle with a silicon sleeve: “Elle” by bkr
  2. For intensive training sessions: the elastic “Powerbands” by Let’s Bands
  3. A tightening body serum: “Skin Tight” by Mio
  4. The ideal way to increase your physical performance: “energy” by Ringana
  5. Remodelling body patches: the “Body Strategist Patch” by Comfort Zone
  6. Neoprene-dumbbells by Msports

The workout to go with the fashion:

It’s a well-known fact that fashion is inspirational, so much so that it now even inspires us to get active. We’ve therefore decided to provide you with some exercises for your daily morning workout (for which you won’t even need 15 minutes!):

  • 60 star jumps
  • 60 squats
  • 60 lunges
  • 30 press-ups
  • 60 sit-ups
  • Hold a wall squat for 60 seconds

You can find out more about these and other exercises at:


By the way: Our absolute favourite post-exercise drink is this berry smoothie

300ml milk (coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk or soya milk)
Porridge oats
Chia seeds

Throw all of the ingredients into a large blender and enjoy your delicious fitness smoothie.


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