The Trend Colour of Red

… and why everyone loves this coat

The colour red has always been the ultimate bright and bold colour, with no other shade radiating such energy and warmth. It therefore comes as no surprise that designers love to use red as a highlight in their collections, which is precisely why it could be found on virtually every catwalk in the fashion shows for the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 season. Be it bright red, orange red or claret, red is definitely one of this season’s most essential trend colours. True fashionistas even love to wear red from head to toe as an all-over look in order to make a real statement.
If you don’t want to wear red as a complete look, simply choose a selected it-piece, for example this red coat from Marie Lund. This stunning garment is a true all-time favourite, above all due to its classic design, and is the perfect companion as it starts to get colder outside.

Styling tip:

The colour red is able to make a strong impact all on its own and can’t stand any competition when it comes to styling. When wearing this trend colour, you should therefore avoid extravagant accessories and eye-catching jewellery and instead focus your full attention on red alone. This also makes sense given that red simply looks excellent when combined with subtle shades such as black, white, camel, grey or silver.

Our favourite looks:

This red coat from Marie Lund looks extremely stylish when combined with a simple white blouse, dark or medium blue jeans and a pair of black ankle boots or loafers. It is also an extremely eye-catching garment when worn with a little black dress and a pair of high heels. When the weather starts to get really cold, it looks just as great combined with a long knitted dress in grey or anthracite as it does with a fine cashmere jumper and fashionable checked trousers. In fact, your new favourite coat is sure to be the perfect finishing touch for every outfit. Regardless of whether you wear it in the office, to dinner or for a winter walk, one thing is for sure: this red coat from Marie Lund is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Marie Lund also offers a variety of matching scarves, hats, headbands and much more for the hottest colour of the season. Here are some of our red favourites:

The make-up:

Für den Wow-Look in Rot sollten Sie Ihre Nägel und Lippen in einem ähnlichen Rotton schminken oder aber auf einen zurückhaltenden Nude-Ton setzen.

5 tips for stunning red kissable lips:

1. Exfoliate your lips once a week by gently massaging them with a toothbrush or flannel. This peeling effect not only stimulates circulation but also removes rough dead skin cells.

2. If you want to give your lips a bit more volume, simply use a volumising lip gloss. Ingredients such as collagen and hyaluron instantly leave your lips looking fuller, fresher and healthier.

3. In order to ensure that your lip colour stays put for a long time, it’s a good idea to use a lip liner to line and fill your lips. You can then apply your lipstick before blotting your lips on a tissue and filling them in again.

4. Apply a layer of foundation to your lips before using your lipstick. Your lipstick will stand out even more when not against the background of the natural red colour of your lips.

5. After using matt lipstick, dust some transparent powder over your lips to fix the colour in place and make it last even longer.

Bright red lipstick with a matt effect: “L’Absolu Drama Matte” by Lancôme (available in 15 different shades)

Image at the top: Alina Sofia/

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